Customized Fat Loss Program Review

Food for the body and food for thought. Food is the medicine for your health and equally challenging is to figure out what to eat and how much to eat. At times the question is also about how to have a metabolism that can burn fats fast. These are a few questions which remain a mystery.

A diet program which has become very popular is the Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss program. It is not only a guide book or a guide video but is step forward nutritional software that lets you customize your fat loss program so that it is personally for you and meets your unique body’s nutritional needs.

The Customized fat loss program is designed in such a manner that it suits the needs of all individuals and at all levels of fitness. It is tailor made for specific fat burning nutrition plan for each customer, keeping in mind the age, height, weight, body type and metabolism. Based upon these factors and the goals of each customer, Kyle Leon’s program gives a customized nutrition plan. These plans are drawn from years of experience and consulting leading nutrition experts.

Every person is special and every body characteristic, unique. This is understood by Kyle Leon and the program is based on this premise. The key to this program is categorization of the human body into primarily six types and their traits. Thus this fat loss program yields remarkable results compared to other weight loss programs which were heard about or tried earlier.


Many of the weight loss programs most of the times are not effective because they do not take into consideration the particular needs of an individual. The Kyle Leon customized fat loss program is innovative and new and world renowned nutrition experts have been consulted to develop four patented formulas for individual body types, fitness levels and fitness targets. There are several questions asked before designing the individual program. Is the person working out? Is the person tall short? What kind of metabolism he or she has? Etc. Based on these vital factors the program is made so that it works specifically for each customer.

Apart from the software and unique fat loss formula and program, the customers also receive advanced fitness techniques for tightening the skin, methods aiding rapid weight loss without cardio exercises.

The customized program also gives an understanding on myths and mistakes done by people when trying to lose weight. It also guides in how to keep the weight off in a permanent manner.

Once you purchase the membership, you can create your account and understand the body type you have. After the personal information about height, weight etc is entered and saved; you get a pre designed weight loss program. The program includes workout plan made for your specific needs and weight loss goals. Post workout meals are defining factors in completing the program. This specific program also covers post workout meal plans, which result in successful fat loss.

 The great part is that this program also lets you feed in information about your favorite meals and the information is then processed to create your program plan which includes your favourite food, in the right quantity and at the right type.

The Customized fat loss program helps you maintain the desired weight throughout the year. So it is a simpler option to choose Kyle Leon’s customized fat loss program over all other diets and workouts.

It is critical to know what to eat and what quantity to eat. It is a big mystery understanding this fact.  There are also questions about a diet program being safe and natural. There are so many diets which are lengthy, rapid and may so crazy that they can lead to damaging the health. But the Customized fat loss program by Kyle Leon is safe and natural but also works efficiently and fast. It reduces fat and not the hard earned toned muscles.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

There are both pros and cons with this program. The biggest drawback is that the ‘WHY’ of this diet plan has not been explained by Kyle Leon. The second disappointment is that this program is optimal mainly for the US market. Many food items on this pre made meal plan are not easily available in other parts of the world as to US. You can improvise the meal plan, but the whole purpose of having a pre designed meal plan for your body type, is defeated. On the positive side, it is specific to the individual, straight to the point, effective and a great option to heavy workouts and deadly diets.

This program is being endorsed by leading and famous diet experts. Kyle Leon has also created a program for gaining lean muscle mass without putting on additional body fat.

With such great features you can make a great choice to have that ideal body shape that you always wished for, and that to in a very convenient manner.

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